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Channel Islands G-Skate 5'6 - Futures

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The G-Skate is a modern hybrid that was created from a collaboration between Britt Merrick and the three Gudauskas brothers, Dane, Pat & Tanner. The G-Skate is designed to be fast, fun and responsive in a large range of waves: it's a board that can turn well in big powerful conditions and, as the same suggests, offer a fun loose and skatey feeling in mushy weak waves.

The G-Skate generates speed with ease thanks to its subtle single to double concave, low entry rocker and forward wide point providing volume under the chest.  The modern shortboard rails provide all the precision and fine control you need when it's time to get on the rails and make some spray.

The G-Skate is designed to be ridden as a Twin with a small stabiliser (twin+1) but it will happily work as a thruster for more control, albeit with a bit less of the intended loose skatey feel.

Overall, a fun skatey board that offers glide and speed generation in weaker conditions, but can handle aggressive turns thanks to its refined shape.

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